“Oh My Word…” We Still Believe In Our Hawks.

The Twelfies!

The Twelfies—office staff at With A Little Help. Go Seniors! Go Hawks!

At With A Little Help (WALH) we’re 12th men for our clients and families all year round.  Thank you for trusting our home care agency to support your loved ones.  Seahawks, thanks for bringing this city together and taking us on a fabulous ride…two Super Bowls back to back and thrilling plays. You’ve energized this city and taught our somewhat reserved culture how to experience unabashed civic pride. You’ve taught us to believe in sports miracles. Steve Raible’s : “Oh My Word” call on the one yard line expressed the shock fans felt at the sudden turn of events that, this time, meant a stunning loss. Fans and the sports world are in disbelief today but we know that ends eventually lead to new beginnings and we’re hopeful for growth in the new season.

Sam and His client Bob at a Hawks game.

Sam and His client Bob at a Hawks game.

Shawn D'Amelio and her husband Chris at a game!-1

Shawn D’Amelio and her husband Chris at a Seahawks game








Estee Beard and Patty

Estee Beard and Patty

This team’s strong sense of belief and focus on overcoming obstacles is inspiring and it informs us as we face challenges at home or work. The game has added power to reflect the spirit of an entire city and region. In that, it’s a contagious energy as Shawn D’Amelio, Director of Business Development at WALH, conveys, ” I love anyone or anything that unites people and the Seahawks have done that! Strangers talking to each other, smiling at each other and occasionally even hugging each other, it’s great! It’s exciting and it inspires me to collaborate with our care partners to be an even better team for the seniors we support, for we are their twelfth man!”

The 12th man’s pride that adorned the Pacific Northwest during the championship run transformed our sometimes rainy, foggy climate into an atmosphere of celebration and joy. Seattle and the entire region showed it’s togetherness. Schools, workplaces, churches and extended families flaunted civic pride. Once renewed like this a region will build on that special experience. We’re in this together— win or lose. We’re in this together to grow and learn. We’re in this together to be touched by one another and to share hope.

Client assembling Marshawn Lynch figure

Client assembling Marshawn Lynch figure


Shirley enjoying Super Bowl festivities











With A Little Help is proud of our Seahawks and proud of our client families and care partners that join us to provide quality care to seniors. Go Hawks! Go Seniors! Go Care Partners!

With A Little Help Hawkitecture. "We're in!"

With A Little Help office Hawkitecture . “We’re in!”

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