Happy Administrative Professionals Day and Thank You Kathleen D’Amelio



Behind every successful business is a hard working Administrative Professional. Thank you Kathleen D’Amelio for your 5 years of support at With A Little Help. With your kind, wise, efficient, and mellow style you make all you do look easy.  Your essential behind the scenes contributions ensure that With A Little Help runs smoothly and eases the jobs of staff members.

Whether you’re supporting payroll, scheduling, or helping to organize and produce community events, Kathleen, you always keep in mind what’s important to your co-workers. Whether you’re ordering supplies, keeping our work on track, or assisting with caregiver trainings you offer constructive feedback and give compliments where deserved. When you come early because it’s needed or stay late out of necessity you work hard to reach our goals.

Administrative Professionals are such fundamental personnel resources that in America and around the world employers set aside time each April to say thank you and to celebrate the value of their support. Kathleen, here at With A Little Help we want you to know that we appreciate everything you bring to our workplace and value the care you share with clients and staff. Thank you and Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

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