Caregiver Testimonials

My job with WALH has been a more fulfilling experience than I ever expected when I began. There is no other work that I have ever done that compares to the emotional and, at times, spiritual connection I feel with my clients. I know in my heart that my calling is to continue to work with the elderly. I am often as grateful as my clients for the time I spend with them. I have also appreciated the great flexibility and understanding that comes from you and your office staff.
-Lisa E.
The great support and rapport your staff share with me goes a long way to creating a happy working relationship and a reason to stick around.
-Sarel R.
Caregiver Testimonials - Sarel

I wanted to thank you for the lovely company picnic. It was nice to put some faces with names! I also wanted to let you know what a great and rewarding experience it’s been working for With a Little Help. From staff to clients – everyone has been wonderful.
-Holly S.

Caregiver Testimonials - Pat I enjoy being an addition to my clients’ lives and helping them to smile and laugh. Thank you for hiring me for this work/play.
-Pat K.
Congratulations on the 2007 Mayor’s Small Business Award. I am proud to be one of your caregivers at With a Little Help. You are a cupcake in a world of dry biscuits!
-Kenna W.
Caregiver Testimonials - Kenna

More Caregiver Testimonials

I wanted to say that your staff is the best I’ve seen, very helpful and kind. You’ve done a great job hiring excellent people. I’m proud to say I work for With a Little Help.
-JoAnne H.

Our company isn’t corporate, it’s personal. Each case is individual and we treat it as that. I know I’m helping people every day and making lives better/fuller.
-Lacey M.

I think one of the most impressive parts of WALH is your encouragement (and pay) to go to trainings. I think that is one of the wisest policies any organization can have to ensure competence of employees.
-Heather E.

I’m always proud to tell people about your business and your staff.
-Barb S.

I truly love With a Little Help and the good services we provide. What a blessing for all concerned.
-Barb K.

Why I like working for With a Little Help: Caring environment, teamwork, personal touches, great office, some flexibility in my schedule, I participate in making a positive impact on others.
-Estee B.

I love the wonderful team of caregivers and office staff I get to work with everyday. I have never worked with such caring and compassionate people who truly love what they do and make a difference each and every day.
-Angela V.

I like working for With a Little Help for several reasons: I feel valued and respected as a caregiver, there is great flexibility in my schedule, clients are valued and respected with effort to match with just the right person to provide care; With a Little Help is always striving to listen to staff and clients in looking for ways to improve and provide the best care.
-Mary R.

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