Medication Manager

Keeping Seniors on Track and on Time with Their Medications

Even with the best intentions it’s sometimes hard for seniors to remember to take their pills. But adhering to a prescribed medication schedule can be vital to maintaining health and safety. The Medication Manager from With a Little Help is designed to take the pressure of having to remember off seniors and their concerned family members.

Our Medication Manager is easy to use and provides a number of options and safeguards, including visual and auditory reminders and locking or non-locking compartments. It’s totally wireless, which means it does not require a phone line, cell phone, computer or internet to stay in touch with the monitoring service. All you need is a power outlet.

How It Works
The Telecare Medication Manager is programmed to the client’s medication schedule and the parameters you set. With 28 compartments, it holds from one to four weeks of medications, depending on their schedule. It can easily be adjusted as medications or dosages change. When it’s time for a medication, the appropriate compartment flashes. If your senior doesn’t remove the cup within the designated time frame, the dispenser will begin a series of gentle reminders. First, it will beep. If the cup remains untouched, the beep intensifies and the device will then notify the call center, which will call the senior’s home phone. If they still don’t access the compartment, the service sends a notification via text, email or telephone to you or another designated contact(s). You will have instant access online to their medication schedule and whether it’s been followed. This proactive approach ensures that concerns are addressed promptly.

Price Information

  • No set-up fee or long-term contract.
  • Non-locking Medication Manager: $75.00 per month
  • Locking Medication Manager: $105.00 per month
  • Accessories (one-time charge)
  • Refillable flat packs: $23 each

$75 monthly fee includes these features

  • Totally wireless. No need for phone jack or internet
  • Gives visual, auditory and telephone reminders
  • Alerts family members if requested
  • Comes configured to the client’s medication schedule and parameters
  • 28 compartments
  • Accommodates different types and sizes of pills
  • Easily adjusted as medications or dosages change
  • Non-locking compartments
  • Online schedule and report
  • Optional refill trays can be filled by you, family or pharmacy

Contact us today to see how the Telecare Medication Manager can help seniors stay on time and on track with their medications!

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