Remote Monitoring System

Helping Seniors Manage Chronic Health Conditions at Home

Seniors and others living with chronic health conditions often find themselves making multiple trips to the doctor or emergency room because their condition suddenly worsened without detection. But simple monitoring of vital signs and activity levels at home with the Telecare Remote Monitoring System from With A Little Help can make a difference in preventing a medical crisis—and keeping the senior you love out of the hospital!

The Telecare Remote Monitoring System helps enhance the safety of seniors and manage their chronic conditions at home. It promotes proactive care! The system is easy to operate and totally wireless, which means it does not require a phone line, cell phone, computer or internet—only a cellular signal to provide 24/7 monitoring, vital sign readings, access to information and live assistance whenever necessary.

How It Works
The Telecare Monitoring System base unit is configured with parameters specific to your loved one’s personal care plan. It can provide medication and activity reminders and communicate with the client through the base unit monitoring screen. It comes with one motion detector and one help button that works within the home (additional detectors and buttons available). The Telecare System provides optional accessories for you to take biometric readings (glucose, blood pressure, lung capacity, blood oxygen or weight), depending on your needs. If readings ever exceed the parameters you have set, our 24/7 monitoring service alerts you and any designated care team members. The center sends messages via text, email or telephone as requested. Family members or medical personnel can access the readings in real-time online in order to make informed, proactive decisions to keep your loved one safe and healthy.

Price Information
No set-up fee or long-term contract. Available on monthly basis.

$270 monthly fee includes these features

  • Totally wireless, “one-button” operation
  • Comes configured to the specific parameters in your care plan
  • Provides 24/7 monitoring and live assistance when necessary (communicating through two-way Telecare base unit)
  • In-home wireless help button
  • In-home motion detector
  • Ability to record blood pressure, glucose, lung capacity, blood oxygen and weight
  • Medication reminders and notifications
  • Biometric reading reminders
  • General activity monitoring and notification
  • Notifies designated contacts if reminders are ignored or readings exceed pre-set parameters
  • 24/7 online data access

Optional wireless accessories billed monthly

  • Extra activity sensor $20
  • Extra help button $20
  • Glucose meter $65
  • Blood pressure monitor $65
  • Spirometer $125
  • Pulse oximeter $125

Contact us today to see how the Telecare Remote Monitoring System can help seniors enhance safety and stay proactive in managing their chronic help conditions at home!

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