For more than a decade, With a Little Help has been serving seniors and others with special needs. We place great emphasis on building and maintaining relationships between our caregivers and clients. The kind things seniors, their families and professionals say about our care is our greatest reward at With a Little Help. We think our clients are the best! And they say nice things about us:

“It took forever for us to convince Georgia to try home care. By Jo’s second visit, Georgia couldn’t wait for her to come again. We were amazed! She loves Jo’s cooking, enjoys the conversations they have and gets so much pleasure out of the laughs they share. Jo has done the miraculous.”
-Nancy R.

“With a Little Help was an extension of our family in caring for our aging father in Seattle. Without WALH, we could not have enabled our father to have aged in place in his own home, to remain independent and to die with dignity. WALH provided care, attention and affection through the personal attention of extraordinary WALH caregivers. Without exception, the WALH personnel who cared for our father established a personal connection and made it clear to us, in countless ways, that what they were doing was so much more than a job to them. We recommend With a Little Help to any family that is looking for personalized care of an elderly family member. We could not be more satisfied and grateful.”
-Aaron, Rebecca, and Rachel A.

“I believe that there is no better care possible than that given by your caregivers. Each of them is highly competent, extremely considerate, thoughtful, caring, and articulate. The office staff follows suit. In this challenging and anxious time of life for both Claire and her family, With a Little Help provides exemplary support in all ways.”
-Alison M.

“I’ve been blessed in connecting with wonderful people and resources like yours since my Mom’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s last summer. I’m grateful that organizations like With a Little Help are out there to lend a hand when it’s most needed.”
-Joan E.

“Your service provides care and love to the elderly, all with respect and dignity. Your folks took such good care of mother, and we are forever grateful for their love and friendship.”
-Carolyn M.

More Testimonials

“I was thrilled with the warmth and compassion Barbara shared with my mother. And I greatly appreciated her email updates. Knowing that she was my mother’s “caregiver friend” allowed me to relax and enjoy/appreciate our magnificent journey.”
-Pamela K.

“They were more than caregivers, they actually cared! Especially at a time that was so trying for me.”
-Douglas L.

“You are exceptionally reliable, always very helpful, kind and on time. Everyone who comes is just WONDERFUL.”
-Shirley I.

“I hope all of you know how very much Doris adores Sarel and what a great job she does! She is a real blessing to us both, and we are grateful to have her help!”
-Liz B.

“We couldn’t have made it through this difficult time without all of you.”
-Pattie G.

“I wanted to let you know how much our family appreciates Sarel’s assistance to my mom. She is not only helpful but her thoughtfulness and care made my mom feel immediately comfortable with her. She now looks forward to her visits and so enjoys her being there and willingness to help with so many different things.”
-Kate D.

“My deepest gratitude to you all, who with your love and care touched Gerhard’s heart and made it possible for him to spend his last years at home with dignity.”
-Achim S.

“You are all truly wonderful people, and we appreciate you all more than you can ever know. We have been truly blessed to know you all and to have you all as a part of our lives. Our love and thanks to you all.”
– Spence L.

“Some of Evelyn’s fondest memories are from when she and her husband owned a resort in Minnesota before WWII. I found their website and spoke with the current manager who sent literature and photos that I shared with Evelyn. I truly love With a Little Help and the good services we provide. What a blessing for all concerned.”
-Barb K., caregiver

“I have been very happy with your services. I live in Ashland, OR, and it is comforting to know Vicki can call you and make arrangements. Your staff has been wonderful in all areas.”
-Karen G.

“Emily makes a huge effort to engage Jim in activities that he can do. This is extremely challenging! Today they made scones together. This extra effort is most appreciated!”
-Marcia F.

“Liz is my mother’s favorite person! And her Monday afternoons, talking with Liz and getting her home in order and things washed up, is her greatest luxury. We treasure Liz and her kind and gentle ways and we are grateful that she is Mom’s caregiver.”
-Boo E.

“Matinay is kind, insightful, respectful, caring and a great cook! THE BEST.”
-Florence D.

“Richard has been a gift to our family! He has been so gracious and helpful during this difficult time of moving Dad and now Mother. He’s a true gem! Daddy loves Richard (as we do) and considers him a dear friend – a welcome addition to our family! From day one, Richard has become a true companion to Daddy. While he was still living with Mother, Richard was a true support and confidant for her. This relationship has continued and I appreciate his willingness to now communicate directly with me on issues and observations with Dad. He’s been invaluable to me! And the family. We have been pleased with all the caregivers that have helped us. For some reason we’ve all adopted Richard.”
-Dana L.

“Vandy is one of the best caregivers we have experienced in the last two and a half years. She is a self-starter, initiates tasks on her own. She doesn’t need to be directed step by step.”
-Pam A.

“Katherine’s caregiver, Sarel, is a kind and wonderful person. She not only helps Katherine with her exercise and therapy but she gives her emotional support and incentive as well. Most of all, she is a good friend!”
-Elizabeth G.

“Our family would like to thank you all for the experienced, generous and compassionate companions who visited our mom. Each person brought their own gifts and personal relationship. We especially want to express deep thanks for Marilyn, who went beyond for mom. She was always thinking of ways to make her more comfortable and a great friend for mom. Others I met and was so impressed with Mary Reynolds and Jacque. They were also spiritual companions. God Bless for the great work you do.”
-Kathy N.

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