Results of our Satisfaction Survey

June 12, 2011

To our wonderful clients,

We recently mailed out a survey asking for your feedback about our services. We were thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response we received. Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out our survey. We’re pleased to share the results with you:

Results from the Customer Satisfaction Survey

Percentage of surveys returned: 62% (85 of 137 surveys returned).

How well does the caregiver understand clients’ needs? 100% replied “excellent” or “good.”
Is the caregiver creative and resourceful in meeting clients’ needs? 98.8% replied “excellent” or “good.”
How would you rate the caregivers’ helpfulness? 100% replied “excellent” or “good.”
Please rate the caregivers’ rapport with clients. 100% replied “excellent” or “good.”
How do you feel about the caregivers’ judgment? 98.8% replied “excellent” or “good.”
Please rate the caregivers’ ability to listen. 98.8% replied “excellent” or “good.”
Please rate the caregivers’ communication skills. 100% replied “excellent” or “good.”
How’s the caregiver at providing feedback to families when requested? 89.3% replied “excellent” or “good.”
How would you rank your interactions with our office staff? 97.6% replied “excellent” or “good.”
Would you recommend us to a friend? 95% replied “definitely” or “probably”

Here are some of the comments we received to the question:

Are there qualities of our services that stand out as being superior?

  • Ease of communication is outstanding with office as well as with Susan!! Great!
  • Your office is always responsive and friendly and helpful. Lori is wonderful. I really rely on all of you. Thank you.
  • Care and consideration for the client and family.
  • Reliable, friendly, helpful professional services.
  • Responsiveness; very flexible in accommodating change in plans for outing; very friendly.
  • Marilyn is an outstanding, patient, kind person – and we love to laugh together.
  • Superior quality in all services!

The happiness of our clients is our first priority at With a Little Help. Your feedback is instrumental in helping us as we improve our high quality services. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns. Thank you so much for allowing us into your homes and lives.

Warm Regards,


Marcia Ives


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